Hydrogen Innovation

Photoactive electrolyzer

General Information

Our Hyonics solution is an ongoing project (PLANKT-ON) with leading universities and research institutions in the fields of biomaterials, energy and material science.

The aim of the project is the development of photoactive membranes and devices for the production of white hydrogen.


The project extended in the final Consortium will last 36 months (April 2023 – March 2026).

More than 18 high qualified professors and researchers are involved in the project.

The industrial applications & utilization will be coordinated and managed by Enphos.


Mature solar technologies cannot simultaneously address the multiple future energy challenge. The plankton-like protocells will be shaped as containers of two synergic subdomains mimicking the natural plastids and the CO2-enzyme organelles. Inspired by Nature PLANKT-ON is the first synthetic plankton-like protocells that autonomously utilises light, water, and CO2 to produce O2 and formate, as a white H2 vector.